fresh without the fuss

method men is dedicated to clean, thoughtful design, inside and out. from beautifully practical packaging to effective people-friendly formulas we spend a ton of time thinking about our products so that you don’t have to. just use them and move on, no worries, no fuss. life is complicated enough, staying clean and fresh doesn’t have to be.

our fresh approach to grooming

sophisticated, nature-inspired fragrances

effective, fuss-free formulas

made without parabens, phthalates or aluminum

cruelty free, tested by people, not on animals

wind turbine with method logo

our fresh approach to business


we believe in using business to solve social and environmental problems, and we aim to benefit people + planet more and more as we grow.


we’re on a mission to support and improve the health + wellbeing of our team, our community and everyone who uses our products.


we consider the health of our environment in every aspect of the products we make + how we make them.

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